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MommaBox Announces Partnership with Presscription Juices to Enhance Postpartum Recovery

At MommaBox, we understand the unique needs and challenges that come with pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum recovery. That's why we're excited to announce our new partnership with Presscription Juices, a leading provider of raw, unpasteurised juices and cleanses. With their high-quality ingredients and potent health benefits, Presscription Juices are the perfect addition to our postpartum boxes, helping new mums regain their strength and vitality.

MommaBox is a 40-week pregnancy pampering subscription box program that provides health and wellness essentials, various vouchers, as well as collectable memorabilia. It covers all important aspects of the pregnancy journey, including self-care, health, and wellness, and it is tailored to the specific needs of working mums and career-focused women who are pregnant. Our boxes contain a curated selection of products from small local businesses, ensuring that our subscribers receive high-quality items that support sustainable and ethical practices.

Our prenatal boxes offer a range of products that promote relaxation, meditation, yoga, nutrition, hydration, sleep, exercise, mental health, and stress relief. From aromatherapy candles and bath salts to yoga mats and resistance bands, our boxes provide everything a pregnant woman needs to feel pampered and supported during this exciting time.

In addition to our prenatal boxes, we also offer postpartum boxes that focus on recovery and self-care for new mums. Our postpartum boxes contain products that promote healing, including sitz baths, nipple balm, and cooling pads. And now, with the addition of Presscription Juices, we can offer even more support for postpartum recovery.

Presscription Juices, the UK's highest rated cold-pressed juices, are made from raw, organic, and unpasteurised ingredients, ensuring that their juices are packed with nutrients and enzymes that support the body's natural healing processes. Their juices are also free from added sugars and preservatives, making them a healthy and delicious addition to any postpartum recovery plan.

With our new partnership with Presscription Juices, we're excited to offer our subscribers even more value and support during this transformative time in their lives. By combining our carefully curated selection of products with the health benefits of Presscription Juices, we're helping new mums feel empowered, nourished, and pampered throughout their postpartum journey.

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