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pam·​per |  \ ˈpam-pər   \

pampered; pampering\ ˈpam-​p(ə-​)riŋ   \

To treat with extreme care and attention.

MommaBox wants to pamper the mums-to-be and make their lives happier by bringing them top pregnancy-specific products, whilst helping them feel good and make memories during their truly unique journey.

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MommaBox was founded with one mission in mind: to look after the modern, busy mum-to-be and inspire happier lives during pregnancy, whilst making those weeks a truly magical time. Each fortnightly box is packed with the best products available on the market and curated with the help of therapists and midwives. Our boxes also include pampering activities inspired by research on what mums said brought happiness in their lives during those challenging times. We also partnered with leading suppliers to ensure we’ve got all essentials covered - from vitamins to private scan clinics, beauty products and anti-nausea treats. In addition to these, each month you’ll also find ‘memory-makers’ so that you also record the milestones as you get closer to meeting your little one. 


Did you know our brain has the ability to continually reorganise itself every single day by forming new neural connections throughout life? This is called neuroplasticity, and it allows you to literally change your brain and create a happier life, based on YOUR actions and thoughts! Here at MommaBox, we believe that finding time for consistent self-care and self-love throughout pregnancy will help you create those positive neural connections and build a more joyful life, which will help you and the little life you’re creating.


That's precisely why we created MommaBox. Our vision is to empower and support mothers by providing them with the self-care tools and resources they need to thrive in their daily lives, learn about the journey they’re on and make valuable memories that will last a lifetime.

MommaBox was built by mums, for mums. We firmly believe that you are able to enjoy your pregnancy journey in a truly fabulous way. We are excited to join you on this expedition toward self-discovery, growth and relentless self-love! Join our movement or offer it to a mum-to-be.

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