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MommaBox Partners with The Original Window to the Womb for Greater Pregnancy Visibility and Control

As a working mum, being pregnant can be an exciting and challenging time. At MommaBox, we understand the unique needs and pain points of busy expectant mums during pregnancy, which is why we have partnered with The Original Window to the Womb to offer our Full Ride and Occasional Box plan members access to private baby scan clinics in Nottingham and Sheffield.

The Original Window to the Womb is a leading provider of private baby scans, offering expectant mothers a chance to see their baby in incredible detail and take control of their pregnancy journey. With this partnership, MommaBox members can enjoy greater pregnancy visibility and control, which is particularly beneficial for working mums who are tight on time and want to stay informed about their pregnancy without compromising their busy schedules.

We are excited to offer this exclusive benefit to our members in the Midlands, and we are looking into expanding this benefit to the rest of the country in the future. This partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to provide pregnancy pampering subscription boxes that are tailored to the specific needs of busy mums.

At MommaBox, we believe that self-care and wellness are crucial during pregnancy and beyond. Our subscription boxes include a mix of products that focus on prenatal care, relaxation, mental health, exercise, and nutrition, to name a few. Each box is curated with the highest quality natural and organic ingredients, and we partner with small local businesses wherever possible, to offer a unique and personalised experience.

Our Full Ride and Occasional Box plan members can now enjoy even more peace of mind and control during their pregnancy journey, thanks to our partnership with The Original Window to the Womb. Learn more about the contents of our boxes here.


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